Conveyor Belt Flaking

Utah Belt Stack

Because Transco builds and designs our Conveyor Belt Flakinge, we are able to make them for customers per project or need. 

Call Transco If you need a Conveyor Belt Flaking.

Watch the video! Utah Belt Stack

Conveyor belt stack stanchions

we built the yellow colored stations pictured specifically for this 8′ stack of ST7100 conveyor belting. Our stanchions are designed to stack together in 12″ segments and can be strapped together at the top to help hold in place very high stacks of belting.

Conveyor Belt Flaking

Conveyor belt flaking pulley system: ST7100 Conveyor belting

This pulley system was approved by belting manufacturers for use as a flaking tool. Transco engineered, built and then used this roll to build a 8′ high stack of conveyor belting.