Smart Conveyor


Transco Federal is offering a smart systems for conveyor belting and idlers. Transco will put sensors in Federal brand supplied rollers. SmartConveyor sensors will monitor potential bearing failure through heat and vibration analysis. When a bearing gets hot to the point of “outside the normal range,” a text message will be sent the appropriate plant personnel. For example (idler A in position 9) needs to be changed.

For conveyor belts, SC Tech will detect longitudinal rips. Sensor’s will also be able to shut down the system, Sending text messages to plant maintenance personnel letting them know the conveyor belt is stopped and needs to be repaired. The third part of SC Tech is a monitor that relates early warning on conveyor belt thickness. Early warning on conveyor belt issues gives maintenance a chance to make changes to system before failure.

All systems will be tied together wirelessly through a gateway’s on the mine site that reports onto and through Transco’s Web-based Tracking page.